President Message

代表取締役社長 冨澤 肇

President & CEO Hajime Tomizawa

With Micro Engineering, Inc. as the operating company, the ME Group has been manufacturing and selling manufacturing equipment in the manufacturing process of electronic components and chemical products that support science and technology within the electronics industry.
Technologies and services required of the electronics industry have evolved at a faster pace than we imagined, and the points we should focus on have changed 1 after another according to the times.
Accordingly, we are entering a period of exploring new possibilities not only in the fields of electronic components and chemical products, but also in other industries, such as medical, automotive, and aerospace.
Our engineers are expected not only to improve their own technologies, but also to constantly take on the challenge of new technologies and be able to complete them.
It integrates with other technologies, returns them to the company, and also creates new technologies.
To this end, we want to foster the ability of all employees to continue evolving in line with the evolution of the times.
By looking forward to changing from existing technical services and creating and realizing next-generation challenges, we hope to contribute considerably to improving the lifestyles of people around the world.