ME Group aims to become a conglomerate


The electronics industry is rapidly changing on a daily basis. In order to meet the ever-changing societal needs and further strengthen our management foundation, companies themselves must also undergo transformation. That's why we established ME Group, with Micro Giken, boasting a history of 50 years, as one of our group companies. This is to expand our business not only in the development and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which Micro Giken has been engaged in, but also in various sectors such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and space.

In 2023, Arata Co., Ltd., which is involved in the development and sales of medical devices, joined our group. What we value is the attitude of constantly challenging new technological fields, rather than being satisfied with the status quo. We will continue to refine our technology, expand our business portfolio, and establish a management structure that can flexibly respond to changes in the world.

Furthermore, ME Group aims to maximize group synergies as a conglomerate. By promoting cross-sales and cross-manufacturing between Micro Giken, Arata, and future group companies, we will integrate the strengths of each company. Through this, we will create value that cannot be achieved by a single company and contribute to improving people's quality of life and solving social issues.